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Green advice, urban agriculture, permaculture, workshops, coaching

Garden and Plot design

How do you create a garden with a healthy ecosystem for humans and animals in your garden? Attention to (food) forest, fruit, berries, urban agriculture, permaculture, ponds, places for insects, amphibians, small animals and birds. How do you create a garden that is both beautiful and takes relatively little time and energy. Harmony and beauty in a garden, the use of colors, in addition to the production of delicious fruits and vegetables.

Urban agriculture

How do you set up a cultivation plan for the vegetable garden? How do you care for fruit trees? The role of animals such as chickens in the garden and how they can work for the garden. Sowing techniques and planting permaculture crops. Starting production in your garden and building an ecosystem that will take over the work of the gardener. Moving with the seasons.


Personal coaching


Invest in your garden, invest in the ecosystem that is your garden. With a good foundation, you will enjoy your garden for years. Build your garden carefully, pay attention to promoting diversity in your garden and the garden will cooperate with you. After three years or so, this will save you a lot of work. Treat yourself to a beautiful garden. A beautiful garden is priceless.

De Groene Wende works on the basis of guidance. You create your dream garden and I advise you, help you on your way, think along. Of course, you can also follow the workshops and then use the knowledge yourself. If you need a professional during the process, I’ll be happy to visit you.

De Groene Wende takes account of people with a small budget. If you have little to spend, it is possible to agree on a price that is affordable for you.

De Groene Wende has a number of pillars from which it works. These are:

Healthy soil as a basis
Creating an ecosystem that is as complete as possible in your garden
Moving along with this unique ecosystem
As a result, less work or the “lazy gardener”