Moving along with nature

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At De Groene Wende, gardening is based on moving along with nature

Moving with an ecosystem means less work for the grower. Gardening has traditionally been heavy physical work. And although initially some physical work is needed, a grower who moves along with nature spends much less time and energy. Remarkably enough, the yield is still optimal or sometimes greater than in a traditional garden. Perhaps even more important than quantity is quality. Vegetables and fruit from our own garden are vital, fresh and super healthy.

By moving along with your garden you will have less work and more harmony

Don’t forget that you are also part of your garden

Working from the Ecosystem

De Groene Wende sees the garden as part of a larger ecosystem. Thus, the garden is not only a source of food or enjoyment for the gardener, but for all the plants, animals and insects that live in it. A healthy ecosystem is in balance in which no species gets the upper hand and thus is resilient to pests and diseases.

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“Moving along with an ecosystem is the next step in the evolution of the relationship between humans and Mother Earth, in which attention and working in the flow are guiding principles and not heavy physical work”