About me

Green advice, urban agriculture, permaculture, workshops, coaching

Who is De Groene Wende

De Groene Wende is an initiative of Wende Brand. I am a part-time gardener and counselor of young adults at Live-to-Be, a project and community for young adults in Oosterwold where experiments are being conducted with new forms of living together and connecting with each other. The garden is an inseparable part of this unique community.In 2016 I graduated from the Warmonderhof, a training based on biodynamic agriculture and horticulture. Gradually, however, my approach to gardening has shifted in the direction of permaculture. I call my way of gardening natural gardening. This way of gardening includes non-inversion tillage, the garden embedded in a broader ecosystem and the lazy gardener.

I have given school garden lessons for many years, have experience with the design of ornamental gardens, urban agriculture, fruits, house plants and container plants, cuttings, grafting and the cultivation of organic cut flowers. Since I was six years old, I have been passionate about working with plants.

In addition to being a gardener, I am currently training to become a yoga teacher. I also I teach meditation and give counseling. 

“As a child, people in my neighborhood came to ask for advice about houseplants that would not grow well. I intuitively knew what the plants needed”